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Mythology: A Guide


Welcome to my hub page for mythology! For those of you that have been following my work, it should be pretty apparent that I love mythology. It has affected me in a great way over the past few years and has taught me the importance of understanding the underlying psychology that we all endure in life. I love the stories, and I love reading fantasy and watching movies with heroes and monsters, so it was a naturally progression in my academic and author career to move into the field of mythological interpretation.

Mythology UnveiledFor me personally, it was a huge paradigm shift when I realised that I (the reader) was the hero of the stories and that mythology was mapping out a natural progression of events that occur in the subconscious during life. By reading and studying into articles such as Joseph Campbell’s monomyth and the archetypal theories of Carl Jung, my own life became a lot clearer and I became a lot better off for it. I looked deeper into mythology and low and behold there was even more than met the eye! I became immersed in a world just as real as our own yet it was hiding just below the surface of these ancient tales. This is what I try and convey in my book Mythology Unveiled. If this is something that interests you then I do believe that you could take away some quality from the book and I highly recommend that you check it out by clicking here.

Beyond that, I am now working on a series called Greek Mythology Explained where I am interpreting individual myths in great detail. These I am turning into articles as well which you can find in the links below but they do work off the information explained in great detail in the bigger book, Mythology Unveiled. Thanks for coming by and I hope that a love for mythology can be born in your heart and better your life as it has for me.

Greek Mythology Explained

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