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Learn Latin online the easy way with the Easy Latin series. With five easy to follow lessons you will be speaking the language of the Ancient Romans in no time. Follow the Easy Latin classes and learn Latin online for free, by the end of the classes you will have a strong understanding of grammar, an extensive vocabulary and be able to read and write sentences with ease! These free Latin lessons are so easy, and if you love what you’ve learnt, you can pick up the Easy Latin eBook or hard copy through Amazon by clicking here which gives you more tips, twice as many questions to practice with, and deeper explanations for an even fuller understanding of the Latin language. Learn Latin online for free now!

Lesson 1: Foundations

How would you like to learn Latin, the language lost in time? To read the writings of the dead and reveal the mysterious secrets long held silent? You don’t need formal lessons, and you don’t have time for endless tutorials. Learn Latin the easy way with free online Latin lessons and uncover ancient forbidden secrets all on your own. Join me on this journey and uncover a long lost world!

Lesson 2: Latin Nouns

Continuing our journey to learn Latin online, here is lesson two. It wont be long until we unlock the mysteries of this ancient language but we must build a solid platform to jump from. In this lesson we will explore the first and second declension of Latin Nouns.

Lesson 3: Latin Verbs

Learning Latin verbs has never been easier! We are half way through our free learning Latin online series, decoding the ancient mysteries has never been easier. Soon we will be tackling longer sentences and real world translations!

Lesson 4: Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions, and Interrogatives

On our fourth instalment of Easy Latin, we are raising the stakes and looking and more complex sentence structures. Learn Latin online with this easy to follow lesson that will have you decoding texts in no time!

Lesson 5: Personal Pronouns

Learning Latin’s personal pronouns is the final step in gaining a great foot hold on the Latin language. After this lesson you will be able to enter the world of Latin translation and really begin the amazing experience of reading an ancient language.

Lesson 6: Lesson 1-5 Answers

All the answers from the Easy Latin series! I hope you have enjoyed the free online Latin lessons, please have a look at the eBook I have available through Amazon by clicking here.

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5Answers

Welcome to the Easy Latin course. This short book will take you from zero knowledge in Latin to having a strong foundation in reading, translating, and constructing Latin sentences and text.

Everything you need to get started is right here in this book, there are five lessons to work through, followed by answers for everything at the back. Also included are some absolute essentials that will help you throughout your journey in Latin, as you work through this book, and beyond it! There are references on all declensions, conjugations, pronouns, adverbs and irregular verbs! These you can print out and take with you, use them as flash cards and reference sheets, I still refer to them all the time and they are a great tool to check your work without seeing the answers! Plus there is an extensive vocabulary at the end that you can refer to and build on.

This course is essential for anyone starting out with Latin, it will explain everything you need to get started, with helpful hints along the way, and a few historic notes to add some fun.


R. D. Jones

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