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Learn Latin: 5 Simple Lessons

Learn Latin: 5 Simple Lessons

“Latin had finally been made easy. You don’t need a degree in ancient linguistics anymore with Jones breaking down the Latin language so that even I could learn it. These lessons are so enjoyable, now I can keep up with my kids!”

Learn Latin: 5 Simple Lessons will take you from zero knowledge in Latin to having a strong foundation in reading, translating, and constructing Latin sentences and text.

Everything you need to get started is right here in this book, there are five lessons to work through, followed by answers for everything at the back. Also included are some absolute essentials that will help you throughout your journey in Latin, as you work through this book, and beyond it! There are references on all declensions, conjugations, pronouns, adverbs and irregular verbs! These you can print out and take with you, use them as flash cards and reference sheets, I still refer to them all the time and they are a great tool to check your work without seeing the answers! Plus there is an extensive vocabulary at the end that you can refer to and build on.

“A great book to follow along with when teaching Latin to kids!”

This course is essential for anyone starting out with Latin, it will explain everything you need to get started, with helpful hints along the way, and a few historic notes to add some fun.

All you need in beginning to learn Latin is right here, it has never been easier.

1. Pronounciation
2. Foundational Grammar
3. Noun Declensions & Cases
4. Verb Conjugations
5. Irregular Verbs
6. Infinitive Verbs
7. Adjectives & Adverbs
8. Prepositions & Interrogatives
9. Structuring Sentences
10. Extensive Translations

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