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Hercules: Greek Mythology Explained

 Hercules: Greek Mythology Explained

“See Hercules like you never have before. Gone are the days of his buffoonery, Jones has captured the hero in the light that he was meant to have. An excellent read.”

The Twelve Labours of Hercules in full translation!
Ground-breaking notes and interpretations!
An extensive account of Hercules in history!

Hercules: Greek Mythology Explained is the first instalment in the Greek Mythology Explained series and is an absolute delight to read. The book covers the heroes life from birth, through each of the labours, until his final tragic death. The focus is on the original twelve labours where we follow the account given by Apollodorus and relive the epic journey of Hercules as he ascends to his godhood. With extensive notes at the end of each chapter, this book will have you understanding the intricacies and genius of such a work and why the mythology of Hercules is still important to us today.

Included In Hercules: Greek Mythology Explained

The Birth Of Hercules
Labour I: The Nemean Lion
Labour II:The Lernaian Hydra
Labour III: The Cerynitian Deer
Labour IV: The Erymanthian Boar
Labour V: The Cattle Of Augeias
Labour VI: The Stymphalian Birds
Labour VII: The Cretan Bull
Labour VIII: The Mares Of Diomedes
Labour IX: The War-Belt Of Hippolyte
Labour X: The Cattle Of Geryones
Labour XI: The Apples Of The Hesperides
Labour XII: Cerberos
After The Labours
Overarching interpretations
The Pursuit Of Virtue
The Heroic Cycle Of Hercules
The Roman Hercules & Beyond

The mythology of Hercules is one of the most important in classical Greek culture and one that is often overlooked in its depth. It is a complex story with countless secrets involving faith, ritual and belief that follows the psychological struggle of a man enslaved through his grief. Through his troubled mind he is forced to encounter impossible tasks in a bid to find forgiveness for his sins, but what he doesn’t realise is that each challenge brings him closer to enlightenment. Does Hercules earn his forgiveness and find his place amongst the gods of Olympus?

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