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Easy Latin – Lesson 6: Lesson 1-5 Answers

Easy Latin – Lesson 6: Lesson 1-5 Answers

All the answers from the Easy Latin series!

Lesson 1: Foundations

Exercise 1 Answers

  1. The dog (noun) ran (verb) home (noun).
  2. The strong (adjective) man (noun) made (verb) a house (noun).
  3. He (pronoun) made (verb) the house (noun) quickly (adverb).
  4. The great (adjective) ship (noun) heaved (verb) slowly (adverb) through the bellowing (noun) ocean (verb).
  5. Little (adverb) mice (verb) have (noun) nothing (verb) to eat (noun).

Lesson 2: Nouns

Exercise 1 Answers

  1. The book (nom), to the boy (dat).
  2. Alfred (nom), into school (abl).
  3. Nothing (nom), a new car (acc).
  4. The language (nom), of the Romans (gen).

Exercise 2 Answers

  1. Puellae (Nom. Plural, Gen. Singular, Dat. Singular)
  2. Puer (Nom. Sing)
  3. Equi (Nom. Pl., Gen. Sing., Abl. Sing.)
  4. Dominorum (Gen. Pl.)
  5. Templum (Nom. Sing., Acc. Sing.)

Lesson 3: Verbs

Exercise 1 Answers – Person

  1. Is – 3rd person, singular
  2. Are – 2nd person, singular
  3. Learning – 1st person, plural
  4. Are trouble – 3rd person, plural
  5. Is so lively – 3rd person, singular

Exercise 2 Answers – Translating Latin

  1. The master loves the girl
  2. I have a horse
  3. I give a horse
  4. The girls gave horses
  5. The master has and praises the horse

Exercise 3 Answers – Translating English to Latin

  1. puellam amo.
  2. puella habet equum.
  3. puellae laudamus.
  4. dominus equum laudat.

Exercise 4 Answers – Translating Complex Sentences

  1. I love the horse because it is big.
  2. I have wisdom and I give it to the girl.
  3. It is a good year.
  4. I fight because I love the girl.
  5. The man praise the temple of the moon.
  6. Good boys are able to give gold to the girls.

Lesson 4 – Adjectives and Adverbs

Exercise 1 Answers – Translating Latin

  1. The big horse loves the master.
  2. I do not have a good horse.
  3. The queen is good because she gives gold to the girls.
  4. My new master is good and big.
  5. Your horse is small and bad but my horse is big and good.

Exercise 2 Answers – Translating English to Latin

  1. equum magnum habeo
  2. tuae parvae aurem domino dant
  3. novus annus est bonus
  4. laudamus aurum das novis reginis
  5. nautae sunt bonus quod tuos equos laudant

Exercise 3 Answers – Translating Latin Adverbs

  1. The master is quickly giving gold to the queen.
  2. The big horse is often trouble.
  3. The bad sailors often rebuke the queen.

Exercise 4 Answer – Translating Latin Prepositions

  1. The master is near the temple.
  2. I fight on account of the evil boys.
  3. I walk into the country house.
  4. The sailors are walking toward the country house.
  5. The man is standing near the forum.

Exercise 5 Answers – Translating Latin Questions

  1. Why are you standing near the forum?
  2. Where is the large town house?
  3. Who is standing near the forum?
  4. Who is standing in the town house?
  5. Do you give the horse to the master?

Exercise 6 Answers – Translating Complex Latin

  1. The horse is standing hear the townhouse and is small.
  2. Why is the horse small?
  3. The small girl is looking at the moon because it is big.
  4. The sailors, farmers, and boys are able to fight the great master. (pugnare is the infinitive of pugno, to fight, and infinitive always translates as “to”, so, “to fight”).
  5. The master rebukes the small slave because he does not praise the boy.
  6. The slaves are standing near the big temple on account of them loving the gods.

Lesson 5 – Learning Latin Easy: Personal Pronouns

Exercise 1 Answers – Translating Latin Pronouns

  1. Who has the money?
  2. That man has the money.
  3. I do not have money because your boy is giving it to his master.
  4. Whom’s horse is it?
  5. The queen is giving the horse to the slave.
  6. Why is she giving the horse to the slave?
  7. She is giving the horse to the slave on account of him praising her.

Exercise 2 Answers – Translating Latin Pronouns & Adjectives

  1. Who is standing in that temple?
  2. Is she looking at those big horses?
  3. That poet is good.
  4. I am hurrying toward the town house because my son lives in it.

Did you enjoy the course? Have trouble understanding something, or getting the wrong answers to the questions? Leave a comment and maybe we can help!

Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4Lesson 5Answers

Welcome to the Easy Latin course. This short book will take you from zero knowledge in Latin to having a strong foundation in reading, translating, and constructing Latin sentences and text.

Everything you need to get started is right here in this book, there are five lessons to work through, followed by answers for everything at the back. Also included are some absolute essentials that will help you throughout your journey in Latin, as you work through this book, and beyond it! There are references on all declensions, conjugations, pronouns, adverbs and irregular verbs! These you can print out and take with you, use them as flash cards and reference sheets, I still refer to them all the time and they are a great tool to check your work without seeing the answers! Plus there is an extensive vocabulary at the end that you can refer to and build on.

This course is essential for anyone starting out with Latin, it will explain everything you need to get started, with helpful hints along the way, and a few historic notes to add some fun.


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