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Demeter & Persephone: Greek Mythology Explained

Demeter & Persephone: Greek Mythology Explained

“The mythological magic of Demeter’s search for her lost daughter is brought to life in Jones’ telling of one of the most important stories in Greek culture.”

The Homeric Hymn To Demeter in full translation!
Ground-breaking notes and interpretations!
An extensive account of Demeter, Persephone, and the Eleusinian Mysteries in history!

Demeter & Persephone: Greek Mythology Explained follows the traditional account of the Homeric Hymn To Demeter which is given in a stunning translation that transfixes the reader from the opening lines to the end of the story. Jones breaks down each stage of the story so that the classical Greek account is clear to the modern reader, and then explains the intricacies of interpreting such a complex mythology. All is revealed by the end of the book, from the secret rituals at Eleusis to the sacred teachings of birth, death, and rebirth. From feminism in ancient Greece to the psychological cycle of grief displayed by the goddess. The Homeric Hymn To Demeter is essential reading to any lover of mythology and Demeter & Persephone: Greek Mythology Explained will take your understanding to the next level.

Included In Demeter & Persephone: Greek Mythology Explained

• The Homeric Hymn To Demeter
• The Loss Of Persephone
• Demeter Searches For Persephone
• The Rage Of Demeter
• An Episode With Demaphoon
• The Strength of Demeter
• Persephone Returns From The Underworld
• Overarching Interpretations
• The Heroic Cycle Of Demeter
• The Eleusinian Mysteries
• Eleusinian Truths
• Feminism In Ancient Greece
• Demeter’s Grief

Take in the classic words of the Homeric Hymn To Demeter and relive the epic journey of the goddess as she searches for her kidnapped daughter. With extensive notes at the end of each chapter, this book will have you understanding the intricacies and genius of such a work and why the mythology of Demeter and Persephone is still important to us today.

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