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WHO IS HADES? Hades is the god of the underworld and the keeper of souls after they have passed away. His realm shares his name and is often depicted as a gloomy kingdom hidden away from the sun and having no pleasure. He is a chthonic god and as such …

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Hercules Labour XII: Cerberos

Hercules Labour XII: Cerberos Hercules’ journey into the underworld is a nightmarish scene encapsulated by his struggle with the hell-hound Cerberos. What we are seeing is a man fighting his ego against entering the realm of his subconscious. By bridging the gap of consciousness and entering his own underworld, Hercules …

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Who is Poseidon

WHO IS POSEIDON Poseidon is one of the brothers of Zeus, his kingdom was that of the sea but he is often called the “Earth-Shaker” in mythology because of his association with earthquakes. This duality in roles for Poseidon is brought about by his long worship spanning the age of …

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WHO IS ZEUS? Zeus is the king of the gods, he is the ruler of creation and seen by the Greeks as the ‘Allfather’. He is the youngest son of the Titans Cronos and Rhea, and earned his place at the top of the pantheon by defeating his father in …

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