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Anglo-Saxons Never Invaded Britain

Huge archaeological digs within Britain now point to the idea that there was no great Anglo-Saxon Invasion and that the British people may not be able to point their lineage in that direction.

Popular history tells us that after the collapse of the Roman Empire, there was a void of political power within the British Isles as the Romans retreated across The Channel.

This void created a kind of vacuum which was believed to be filled by the advancing tribes of the Angles and Saxons. They sailed across the North Sea and settled the East Coast of England, creating a new power centre and importing their continental culture.

The native peoples of Britain were displaced into the edges of the Isles and the Anglo-Saxons became the dominant population for several hundreds of years until the Norman Invasion.

That is the events as told by Bede in his Ecclesiastical Histories and is the ‘Origin Myth’ of the British people and still stands in the popular mind set today.

However, archaeologists are now challenging this idea. Dr. Dominick Peasley is directing the world’s largest archaeological geophysical survey and is turning up amazing evidence that the Anglo-Saxon invasion never occurred. He has found peaceful settlements in the apparent invasion zone with no hallmark signs of destruction.

His finds and theories are phenomenal, what he suggests is that rather than a physical invasion of Britain, there was more of a cultural infiltration. With the collapse of Roman power and the retreat of its culture, the people looked for new ways to display prosperity. The rich art and metalworking from Northern Europe began to be adopted by the British people. Trade and migration further influenced this, and the native British people began to speak the more centralized Germanic languages in a bastardised form with Celtic syntax.

If Dr. Dominick Peasley theories turn out to be valid, then this could rewrite popular history and force the British people to rethink their national identity.

Find the full video below.

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