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Welcome to Liber Historiae!

I started this website as an extension of my own interest in history but it has evolved somewhat from a simple blog to more of an author platform since a great love of writing has been kindled in my heart.

Robert David Jones I wanted to take the time to introduce myself so I don’t feel like such a distant stranger hiding behind a screen. My name is Robert David Jones but everyone calls me Robbie. Writing in the third person felt…. impersonal, so instead you get my actual voice. I suppose my journey started long ago, after high school I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to be, so I did what most of us who are unsure of their future do and went to university. I studied in my home city and went to Adelaide University where I earned my first degree in science with a major in Geology.

That was in 2010 and it was good to be a geologist then, especially in Australia. The mining industry was booming and I found good work travelling around the country where I was hired to map the outback. It was adventurous and fun, I mostly stayed deep in the Northern Territory, traversing great lands that hadn’t been touched by people in a long time. But all good things must come to an end and with the crash in the price of iron ore I was out of a job.

Now at this time I was also playing in bands back in Adelaide and had been doing so for years. When I lost my job in the Territory I was lucky to have a friend who offered me work in the city, part-time as well, so I decided to jump on board and use my free time to further my musical career. I became serious in one of the bands, Laced In Lust, and we worked hard. We travelled Australia a lot, playing all the major cities and towns over and over again, all piling into an old white Mitsubishi van and travelling hours to the next show. This is a great life, you begin to feel like a gypsy and home becomes wherever your head falls and I met so many unique and interesting characters along the way. I did this for years, we brought out CDs and kept touring, eventually flying ourselves to Europe where we did a massive all-encompassing tour in strange foreign countries.

But something happened along the way that changed everything! I met a girl and fell in love. All of a sudden my gypsy lifestyle wasn’t working for me because I couldn’t bear being away from her for so long! I had to make a very hard decision and I had to make it on my own. I talked to the guys in the band, my brothers and best friends, and I told them I had to go. I finished one great chapter in my life and began an even greater one.

This girl, this absolutely amazing woman is called Lisa De Palo and I hope one day you get to meet her because words do not do her justice. I moved in with Lisa and her daughter Shanti and things became serious, so serious in fact that on the 28th of August, 2015, I got down on one knee and made the deepest plunge and vow of commitment one can imagine. I proposed to this angel and she said yes.

Bella and I


So things were great! I had an amazing woman and a young family and things were moving forward but there was one problem still. I was only working part time and the market hadn’t recovered, and even if it had, I was in no place to be going back into the wilderness for extended periods of time and being away from my family. On top of this, it seemed the entire economy had crashed in one way or another and jobs were scarce! I applied for work everywhere but it was useless. Times were hard, we were stretching the little money we had but there was no hope to make a living like this.  I kept looking and applying for job after job but none came and I slowly began to think outside the box. How could I make a living when no one was hiring?

With no prospects of finding work I returned to university, but this time I followed my heart and chose my greatest passion – history. I enrolled myself into my interest, classical studies, and absolutely excelled. I loved everything I learned, took the most detailed notes and absorbed everything. I finally learned Latin, advanced a deeper understanding in ancient cultures and saw history in a completely new light. And though I was loving what I was doing, it wasn’t making us any money and I knew a degree in Classics wasn’t going to lead to a career – not on its own anyway. So I started writing. I wrote and wrote, putting down the notes I had onto the paper with a deeper understanding for the subjects. I started with a personal passion of mine – mythology, and I wrote for hours, hundreds of hours, in fact, putting everything I knew into the pages.

Mythology UnveiledThis is what led to the creation of Liber Historiae and as a result of you reading this biography. For as I wrote hundreds of pages I became aware that I could actually make a career out of this writing. I sent drafts around and people were loving what I was doing but I still didn’t have a book to release or any platform from which to release it. So one night I was up talking to Lisa and we were shooting ideas on what we could do around and the idea of online marketing came up. I wanted to start a history blog because it was my interest, so this project started at the same time that I was writing Mythology Unveiled. As the book came to its final conclusion it dawned on me that this website could and should be my platform to which I could release these works onto the world.

So this is where we are now. Liber Historiae is still in its infancy as is my writing career, but at least it has been born. I have a direction for the future and great hope to succeed in a meaningful career but I suppose that will depend on whether my work is enjoyed by people such as yourself. I am writing a lot of non-fiction, mostly in the form of interpreting mythology. But my mind has also begun to process the idea of fiction work and that may be something to look out for in the future!

My writing career is at an exciting point now, followers of Liber Historiae are growing and my first books are being released. I’m not sure where this will all lead but I would love for you to be on board and join me on the journey. Feel free to sign up with my email list on the right and I will gift you a free copy of Hercules: Greek Mythology Explained.

Talk to you soon,

Robbie Jones